Wednesday, 4 April 2012

More funeral tributes

A heart in red carnations with a personal flower message.A cross in white double chrysants and blue ribbon with a red rose spray.
BETT white letters with a black ribbon frill and yellow sprays.
SIS in white and pale pinks.
A small love heart for a baby boy.
A cute blue and white teddy bear all dressed up with a blue bow tie and white rose buttonhole.
A green and white pillow, with a foliage edge rather than the usual ribbon.
MUM in whites and yellows.
NAN to match
A loose wreath in yellows and oranges.
MUM in pink double chrsants and purple ribbon edging.
A double heart baseed in white chrsants with two red rose sprays.
A small pink heart.
A small posy pad.
A large white and pink teddy bear, again dressed with a bow tie and buttonhole.
What more can one say.
A red rose and white lily oasis spray.
A chaplet/teardrop in pinks, purples and whites.
An unusual request, we are able to meet most, a little girl always made sure her Nanny had her favourite walking stick and called her Nanny Sticks, so could we decorate the stick for her to carry. This is what we created.

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