Friday, 23 April 2010

Joan Stam Designer

We enjoyed a fabulous night last night at a floristry demonstration. The designer was Joan Stam and the designs he showed us were gorgeous. It was based on summer weddings but there was plenty of designs that could be used for any occasions along with bridal work and table centres.

The basis was for showcasing the wonderful David Austin roses, which we can now order (dependant on availability).
This is one of those rare occasions where the photos are not pictures of my own work but if you love what you see please call in and see how we can recreate these pieces and make them unique for you.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Vases for hire

For all you DIY brides out there don't forget we also hire out all of our glassware. We have bowls, vases, martini glasses, cubes and cylinders. All in different sizes. See our price guide or e-mail for quote and availability. We are happy to advise best sizes for your displays.

We also sell most florist accessories and will buy in bulk flowers just give us some notice.

Our e-mail:


This weeks arrangement on Argos jewelery counter.

An 8" clear bowl with clear glass stones in the base. A pretty handtie posy of white Alstroemeria and wax flower with a collar of fatsia leaves. The wax flower has a pretty, light scent that will be noticed but not overpowering. Ideal for a table centre.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Andrew J Musson Tailors

Last weeks display for Andrew J Musson Tailors.

Three red anthuriums with bear grass displayed in a beige ceramic pot with black sisal.


Last weeks display for Argos jewelry counter.
Three red anthuriums with a red carnation surrounded by black sisal all in a collar of fatsia leaves. The arrangement is displayed in a lilac ceramic pot.
Simple yet eye catching suitable for a buffet table or bar area.

Red and White Wedding flowers

Denise's red and white wedding from 10th April.
All males in the wedding party were provided a red rose buttonhole to compliment the colour scheme.
The ladies corsages also matched the bridal bouquet. Each had a single red rose with a couple of white freesia and foliage.
The flower girls carried a small hand-tie posy of red roses and white freesia finished off with an ivory satin ribbon around the stems.

Here is the brides teardrop bouquet. Red passion roses with white freesia and soft ruscus for foliage. This is a very popular design being fairly compact but traditional in shape. The flower combination also works extremely well with the freesias being scented and many Mother of the Brides having had them when they walked down the aisle.

The complimentary bridesmaids posy. Again keeping the theme going this is a popular design to go with the teardrop bouquet.

We also sent out some thank you hand-ties for the mums.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Birthday arrangement

We received an e-mail from a lady in Vancouver a few days ago requesting an arrangement for a family members birthday who is local to us. This is what we sent out.

It is in a cream zinc bowl and it has anthuriums, gerberas, shamrock chrysants, freesia, roses, eustoma, lily, palm leaves and baby blue eucalyptus.

Once delivered we sent a photo and e-mail to our customer confirming delivery to show what we sent. We received this reply:

Thank you so much for the follow up and the photo. The arrangement looks beautiful!

I'm sure it made her day extra special!!

Take care,


(Payment was made via a phone call)

Emerald wedding anniversary

An arrangement for an Emerald wedding anniverasry. Again a glass cube was selected over all the traditional types of arrangements.
The recipient loves orchids and so a green one was selected along with prado carnations, shamrock chrysants, kermit chrysants, sweet william green trick and various foliage. Green midelino sticks and pins were also added.

Diamond Wedding Anniversary

An arrangement for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary.
A lovely customer of ours requested an arrangement for a friends Diamond wedding. We went through what we could send and it was decided something a little modern would be nice. As colours for diamond are not as fixed as for some anniversaries we chose white and lime green. Included are roses, shamrock chrysants, gerbera, prado carnations, gyp and button chrysants. All arranged in one of the glass cubes that we are finding are very popular.
After delivery we were told the recipient loved it.

Funeral tributes

A selection of funeral tributes we have arranged over the last few weeks.
A chaplet/teardrop for an In Memory tribute.
The customer asked for it to be colourful and bright. We included orange gerberas, marigolds, spray carnations, yellow chrysants, carnations, purple september amongst others.
A traditional open wreath in the red and white colours of the favourite football team.

A small heart, based in white double chrysants with a deep red ribbon edging and a spray including roses to match.

This was a customer request for a birthday rememberance.

Sponge Bob. We are not up to date on kids characters and so had to find a picture to help us. Hopefully it isn't a bad likeness!

A NAN tribute. Based in double pink chrysants with a white ribbon edge and spray.

Funeral tributes

We were asked by a good friend and customer to arrange flowers for their daughters funeral.
All members of the family had a good idea on the type of tribute they each wanted and we were happy to fulfil their wishes.
A small heart, based in white double chrysants edged with purple ribbon with a matching spray.
A small cross based in white single chrysants and orange marigold spray.
These flowers represent the flowers the sisters use to play with as children.
An oasis spray with an assortment of pink flowers.

A 15" heart based in white double chrysants with a pink carnation spray.

A traditional open wreath with lily, roses and mixed pink and white flowers.
Our condolences go to all the family.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Pride of Lincoln

The Pride of Lincoln was the setting for Lyndsey's wedding reception.
Unfortunately the tables were not quite ready when we arrived but it gives an idea of the set up.
A long and low type arrangement was the top table arrangement. Again the theme being pink gerberas. Wax flower, broom and bear grass added movement to a base of mixed foliage.
The guest tables were small clear bowls with clear sones in the base. 3 germini swirled inside along with bear grass strands and a butterfly was attached at the top.

St Peter at Gowts Church

St Peter-at-Gowts Church.

A wonderful church to decorate with plenty of room to display pedestals. Only drawback is they have to be large otherwise you won't see them at the altar from the back.

They consisted mainly of pink gerberas, with pink broom, carnations and misumata branches.

We displayed one pedestal in the porchway for impact when guests arrived and one at the front of the church on the grooms side.
As the budget was getting tight it was agreed that the two front and two back pews had a simple arrangement of 3 pink gerberas and wax flower and the rest had bows alternating down the aisle.
A debate had gone on as to whether we and the bride would be allowed to have flowers in church as it was still in Lent, but the Vicar on this occassion agreed as long as they were moved immediately afterwards. All arrangements were moved down to The Pride of Lincoln for the reception.

Pink Gerbera wedding

A wedding theme centred on pink gerberas was the vision Lyndsey wanted to create. As gerberas are such fabulous flowers this was an idea easy to work with.
The brides bouquet, top photo, was a hand-tie posy of pink gerberas with a collar of aspidistra leaves. On these we attached some gold butterflies, another theme of the wedding. Bear grass trails added interest and length to the design and it was finished off with pink satin ribbon.
The Maid of honor carried an overarm bouquet of pink gerberas, bottom photo, backed with an aspidistra leaf. Butterflies were added to the flowers and satin ribbon was pinned to the stems to make the handle.
3 adult bridesmaids carried smaller versions of this, 3rd photo.

The flower girls carried a wand of 3 pink germinis with bear grass loops, 2nd photo, finished off with pink satin ribbon.

This wedding took place at the end of March. Church and venue photos to follow.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Bishop Grosseteste College

I had a phone call from the function organiser at Lincoln Council to see if we could come up with some arrangements for an afternoon tea do. Something simple that would last as we could only deliver Friday pm for a Sunday pm do.
These are what we delivered, 6 of each.
5 cerise gerberas all supported with rose aluminium wire, to prevent drooping while stored, bear grass, black or white sisal depending on colour of the sugar pot. We also added some iced gems on wires as we thought they looked like little cakes.
They were delivered to Bishop Grosseteste College late Friday afternoon and we received a phone call the next week to say they had all survived and looked fabulous.


An Easter display in traditional Easter colours.
Anastasia white chrysants are displayed in aline with yellow carnations in the base and fatsia leaves adding width . Baby blue eucalyptus and solidago complete the arrangement.

A mirrored cube full of gorgeous white carnations with a pink edge. Fluffy pale pink feathers soften the harshness of the cube and cerise pink pins are added for extra colour.

A spring brides bouquet. Tulips, marigolds, shamrock chrysants and prado carnations with soft ruscus entwined through a gold wired collar. An old gold bow and ribbon is added for easier carrying. Displayed in a cylinder with clear glass rocks for support.

Lincoln Security Ltd

An arrangement for the reception area at Lincoln Security Ltd.
A single stem of cymbidium orchid with fatsia leaves hiding the mechanics arranged in an ivory zinc bowl. Turquoise midelino sticks add interest to the base and overall height.

Andrew J Musson Tailors

The last two arrangements for Andrew J Musson Tailors.

The top one is simply 3 Anthuriums with a large palm leaf. A small amount of red sisal holds the stems in place.

The bottom one is 3 stems of Longi lily with a stem of white september and two fatsia leaves to balance out the overall shape.

Ivory and Turquoise wedding

Alison's wedding from 21 March at The Lincoln Hotel.
The theme was ivory and turquoise and as this is difficult to match with flowers, feathers were used.
The brides bouquet was a hand-tie posy of fresh ivory germini and roses with turquoise feathers through the flowers to tone in with the bridesmaids dresses.
The bridesmaids had artificial gerbera hand-tie posies with turquoise feathers forming a collar of colour. There was 2 adult bridesmaids, who had larger bouquets, and 4 smaller bridesmaids.

The male buttonholes were a single rose with feathers as backing and the ladies had a rose and freesia corsage again with added feathers.

The wedding was at The Lincoln Hotel but unfortunately it was on the same day as the Lincoln 10KM run and so entrance to the venue was tricky. To those of you unfamiliar with the route it goes right by the venue and all roads in the area are closed from around 9am -noon at the earliest. The wedding was at 1pm. We decided that leaving set up untill after the race was cutting it fine, with guests having to arrive aswell, so we arranged with the venue to take all table centres and registrars table arrangement up before it started leaving them to place on the tables once they had breakfast out of the way.
The guest table centres were a square lily vase with 3 ivory gerberas and bear grass.
The registrars table was a long and low of gerberas, roses, freesia and other ivory filler flowers with plenty of turquoise feathers in. This photo has gone missing.
As we were early delivering I don't have a photo of the room set up.
Apparently all went well on the day and everyone got there on time with no delays because of the race.