Saturday, 29 May 2010

Andrew J Musson Tailors

This weeks arrangement for Andrew J Musson Tailors.
New in this week are gorgeous English blue delphiniums. They are ideal for the vase we arrange the flowers in, having plenty of height. A stem of cordyline foliage and some black sisal are all that is needed to set them off.

Special Funeral Flowers

Funeral tributes for a local lad.
The local pub he frequented asked us to provide a tribute in the style of a pint of lager.
The base is all done in white double chrysants sprayed to a 'lager' colour. The 'head' is white double chrysants with gyp to add a frothy effect.
One of his mates asked for a football tribute in Liverpool colours.
Red carnations for the main colour with white carnations for the 'spots'. The Liverpool stickers were provided by the customer and we attached them. On the base of foliage is a small spray of red roses and gyp, with a personalized ribbon of 'Bezzy Mate'.
A 2ft cross tribute from his mum. Again in Liverpool colours with a spray of passion roses and cordyline foliage. With 'SON' on a ribbon.
Our condolences to all his family and friends.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Mayors Ceremony

May is the annual time for a new Mayor in Lincoln.
We have been providing the Civic party with flowers for this event for a number of years.
This year one of the ladies involved particularly likes carnations and straight on from the Colombian evening with all their fabulous colours we chose these gorgeous white and purple flecked variety. We are usually asked to use a colour scheme of white and cream, council colours, but this year we could add some colour.
The posies that are presented to the 2 ladies in the Mayors party at The Guildhall.
We used the carnations, white roses, gyp and foliage tied together with a complementary lilac bow.
The table centres are on 'oasis' rings with the white and purple carnations, cordyline foliage, gyp and white sisal. To add a little bit of height to the design green midelino sticks were added in hoops around the edge.
There were 14 table rings and 2 long and low for the top table.
The top table designs had the same flowers in as the rings with some extra foliage.
One of the table rings in situ at The Lincoln County Assembly Rooms. The oil lamp is provided by the venue.
Unfortunately when we arrived to deliver these the tables were just being set up and so this is the only photo we were able to get.

Calla lily table centre

A calla lily table display.
A large glass cylinder has crystal blush calla lilies, steel grass and gold aluminium wire entwined through the design. This is then filled with water. Placing the whole design onto a round mirror enhances the design as the light reflects through the water and wire onto the mirror making it sparkle.
The cylinder and mirror are available to hire or buy with plenty more options in store.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Washingborough Hall

Shelley's minimalist theme continued in the venue arrangements. Originally going to make these herself it was decided that on reflection it would be easier and less stressful for me to do them. On receiving a quote Shelley was surprised to find there wasn't much difference in the price. I must point out all the glassware was hired.
Fish bowls with 3 calla lilies and bear grass with a few glass rocks in the base were the table centres.
For the registrars table an unusual piece was chosen. A large wine goblet with white akito roses, lilies,blue agapanthus and royal blue feathers. Bear grass loops tie in with the fish bowls.
On the registrars table at Washingborough Hall.

The reception room with 4 tables and the top table.
The top table also had a fish bowl.
One of the guest tables.
We hire out our bay trees dressed in your wedding colours. As it was such a lovely sunny day we positioned them on the steps to greet the bride on her arrival.
The glorious gardens at Washingbough Hall.

A gorgeous venue throughout with friendly owners and staff.
This is probably our most popular venue this year. Watch out for more photos coming soon.

White and Royal Blue Wedding

After a busy start to the week, more about that later, I have now time to add photos of Shelley's wedding from Saturday.
A minimalist do, with no fuss was the order of the day.
Shelley's bouquet was white crystal blush calla lilies with bear grass foliage in the modern hand-tie style. Bound together with ivory satin ribbon with pearl pins.
The buttonholes were white Akito roses with foliage, with the ladies having an added sprig of gyp.
The two bridesmaids wore a wrist corsage of a single white akito rose, gyp, freesia buds and royal blue feathers. All attached to a white pearl wrist band.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Our display for Argos this week.
A gorgeous blue agapanthus with unusual dark pink/purple carnations and dark red gerberas intertwined with cordyline foliage. Red midelino sticks add volume to the design which is all displayed in a mirrored cube.
All these flowers were showcased at the wonderful Columbian evening we went to.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Baby Boy, Baby Girl

A pink arrangement for a baby girl.A subtly scented arrangement in pinks and whites. Consists of pink anastasia chrysants, gerberas, lilies and carnations with white freesia, roses and calla lily. Pink butterflies and feathers finish off the effect.

A blue arrangement for a baby boy.

I was asked to create a 'girly' arrangement for a lady who had had a baby boy.
We chose the traditional blues and whites of anastasia chrysants, lilies, roses, gyp, agapanthus, iris, scilla and september. With lots of pale blue feathers and butterflies.

Both arrangements were designed using our glass cubes.


Last weeks display for the jewellery counter at Argos.

A glass cube with dark blue fine pebbles in the bottom. Seasonal viburnum and scilla arranged in a loose spray with some willow twigs for added height.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Lincoln Security

Lincoln Securities arrangement for this week:-
is a 40cm martini vase. Glass stones are in the base of the vase with 3 calla lily and 3 oriental lily. Various curled foliage compliment the calla lily stems and add dimension to the design.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Colombian Evening

We had a fantastic night in Nottingham last night at one of our suppliers- RM Flowers.
It was lead by Coloumbian flowers as a showcase for all the varieties available, Sponsored by Asocolflores and organised by the Flower Import Trade Association, backed by Florist Wholesale Buyer magazine, with a rep from Flower and plant assosiation and Chrysal.

The two star designers were:- Heidi Baker
and:-Matthew Taylor.
Both showcased many wonderful designs:- Unusual, large and small.

A raffle was held for the finished designs with all proceeds going to a Cancer charity.
Please note these are not my designs but if you see something you like please call and see how we can re-create these for you.

Ivory rose wedding

Nikki's wedding from Saturday.
This was a church wedding and fortunately for the bride and groom it was being held on the open weekend for churches in their area and as such would be decorated with flowers anyway. So all left for me to arrange was the bridal flowers and buttonholes.
Nikki brought in a picture of a bouquet she wanted me to re-create. We chose the gorgeous Maroussia rose as it is large headed and scented. These together with gyp, tree fern and salal tips create a stunning classic bouquet. The stems are entirely bound together with an aspidistra leaf and thin ivory satin ribbon was then wound around this to add detail and interest to the handle.
Her bridesmaid had a similar design but with less roses to make it smaller.
The groom wore a maroussia rose buttonhole with gyp, salal and tree fern.
The men wore a single maroussia rose buttonhole with tree fern and the ladies had similar but with a sprig of gyp.

Thank you bouquets were provided for the reception speeches.

Pink white and yellow wedding flowers

Rachael's colourful wedding based on the colours of a beach hut.
When I first spoke to Rachael she admitted she really wasn't that keen on flowers and didn't want many on her wedding day but had been told she must carry something and what could I advise.
Bringing a photo of a fabulous beach hut, all in pinks, yellows and greens, with her we decided to keep everything simple and use less flowers but in a colour that would stand out.
A gorgeously simple hand-tie of 4 cerise pink gerberas and 3 white anastasia chrysants surrounded by a collar of dark green aspidistra leaves, tied with matching pink satin ribbon was chosen for Rachael to carry.
Her two bridesmaids each had a lovely silver wand with a matching pink germini and ribbon trails.
The two Mothers had a similar corsage, one with white roses, the other with yellow.
The men of the bridal party had an assortment of germini to choose from, pink, yellow and white.

This was the display for the registrars table at Washingborough Hall Hotel. Again keeping with the colour scheme and just the 3 types of flowers, Gerbera, Germini and Anastasia, with aspidistra leaves all arranged in a glass cube.
This shows what can be achieved on a small budget for a bride who isn't into flowers. This was a fun wedding to do with a colour scheme which normally wouldn't be used but was personal to the bride.

Norton Lodge

Norton Lodge was the setting for Louise's wedding reception.
Keeping on the classic theme of white it was decided to have simple clear lily vases as table centres with a stem of oriental lily and bear grass strands.
The top table was a long and low design with lilies, geberas, roses, anthuriums, eustoma and kermit chrysants all keeping to the white colour scheme.
The lilies were kept central in the vases by white sisal.
The scent as you walked into the room was divine.
We spoke to Louise's mum on Monday morning and all went well and everybody loved the flowers. Thank you.