Friday, 20 April 2012

3D Westie tribute

 We were asked by a lady if we could create a Westie for her husbands funeral. They had two Westies as pets and thought it would be a fitting tribute as this was to be the only flowers.
We mounted blocks of flower foam onto a board and slowly carved out the basic shape, as I used to be owned by a Westie I have plenty of photos of them from many angles.

I started with the tail and added flowers up his back and onto his legs creating more shape with the flowers. The head was hard to get right, as they have such a cheeky but soulful look. The eyes, ears and tongue are made out of various fabrics and the button nose is a flower sprayed black. The collar is a proper dog collar main colour red with silver bones on.

We sat him on a foliage base made to look like rough pasture and added a small spray of roses.

There are many other pets and shapes that are possible in 3D, please ask for details.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Different funeral tributes

Are you looking for a tribute more in keeping with your loved one? Did they have any particular hobbies or interests that reflect their personality? Nearly anything is achievable now, here are a few of our latest designs.
A horses head for a gentleman who was passionate about horses.
A handbag for a lady who loved fashion.
A slice of battenburg cake for a cake lover.
An RAF roundel for a gentleman who had served and continued his interest in the forces.

More funeral tributes

A heart in red carnations with a personal flower message.A cross in white double chrysants and blue ribbon with a red rose spray.
BETT white letters with a black ribbon frill and yellow sprays.
SIS in white and pale pinks.
A small love heart for a baby boy.
A cute blue and white teddy bear all dressed up with a blue bow tie and white rose buttonhole.
A green and white pillow, with a foliage edge rather than the usual ribbon.
MUM in whites and yellows.
NAN to match
A loose wreath in yellows and oranges.
MUM in pink double chrsants and purple ribbon edging.
A double heart baseed in white chrsants with two red rose sprays.
A small pink heart.
A small posy pad.
A large white and pink teddy bear, again dressed with a bow tie and buttonhole.
What more can one say.
A red rose and white lily oasis spray.
A chaplet/teardrop in pinks, purples and whites.
An unusual request, we are able to meet most, a little girl always made sure her Nanny had her favourite walking stick and called her Nanny Sticks, so could we decorate the stick for her to carry. This is what we created.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Funeral Flowers

From weddings to funerals. Here are a sample of the funeral tributes we have been kept busy with.
An open heart in red roses, spray carnations and white chrysants, freesia and winter foliage.
A 15" cushion. Half in red carnations and half in white chrysants with opposing coloured rose sprays.
A chaplet or teardrop, in yellows including germini, alstroemeria, roses, freesia, solidago and spray carnations.
A small loose wreath, in autumnal colours.
WIFE, based in yellow double chrysants and edged in red ribbon with matching sprays.
MUM based in white double chrysants with a red ribbon edging and red rose spray.
GRAN in pink double chrysants, pink rose sprays with a white ribbon edge.
Gates of Heaven with a red rose spray.
A large cushion in yellow double chrysants and gold/white rose spray.
An all white oasis spray. Ribbons can be printed in any language using our alphabet.

A blue and white oasis spray.
A 12" heart in red carnations with a white rose spray.
An all white single ended spray
DADDY in blues and whites.
A loose wreath in whites and blues.
BRO to match.
POPS in Irish green, white and gold
GWA with foliage edging.
A traditional cross in yellow double chrysants, green ribbon and green, gold and blue spray.
A simple tribute in roses of mixed colours.
Thank you to those families who trusted their last gift to their loved ones to us, our condolences go to you all.