Friday, 20 April 2012

3D Westie tribute

 We were asked by a lady if we could create a Westie for her husbands funeral. They had two Westies as pets and thought it would be a fitting tribute as this was to be the only flowers.
We mounted blocks of flower foam onto a board and slowly carved out the basic shape, as I used to be owned by a Westie I have plenty of photos of them from many angles.

I started with the tail and added flowers up his back and onto his legs creating more shape with the flowers. The head was hard to get right, as they have such a cheeky but soulful look. The eyes, ears and tongue are made out of various fabrics and the button nose is a flower sprayed black. The collar is a proper dog collar main colour red with silver bones on.

We sat him on a foliage base made to look like rough pasture and added a small spray of roses.

There are many other pets and shapes that are possible in 3D, please ask for details.