Thursday, 25 July 2013

RJ's Florist News

Please note:

As from 13th July 2013 RJ's Florist ceased trading. As the lease was ending Bob took this opportunity to retire.
I, Sandra, decided that a long term lease was not suitable for where I would've wanted the business to go. I have therefore taken the step to set up from a purpose built studio where I live.
Designs for gifts and funeral tributes are still available for delivery in and around Lincoln. Click here to go to my online shop.
Wedding flowers are where my passion lies and working from a studio will give me the time and space to expand this area of expertise. Please click here for my new web page or here for my new blog. Designs on this blog are still available so if your looking for inspiration please scroll through the weddings of the last few years. I can still set up at the same venues and have expanded my reach to the north of the county and beyond.

Bob and myself would like to thank our customers from the past 22 years for their custom.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Peacock coloured reception at Charlotte House Hotel

Sarah and Dan's colour scheme was carried on through the reception arrangements.

They provided the zinc buckets which they had painted in blues and lilacs. We were then asked to fill them in a posy style with matching flowers from the bouquets and more peacock feathers.
 Included are:
Blue Delphiniums, purple eustoma and stocks, lilac freesia and rose and pink astilbe.
 The reception was held at Charlotte House Hotel.
The tables were dressed with a mixture of lilac and blue napkins and tea light holders.

 As the wedding ceremony was also held here the chairs would be moved back after it had finished.

The top table was treated to the same designs.

 The ceremony room, not quite ready, had two bay trees either side the registrars table.
With two trees either side the door too. These had ivory roses with lilac ribbon and tulle bases.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

A peacock inspired wedding

 Sarah and Dan's wedding was a colourful affair based on the gorgeous jewelled tones of the peacock feather. These HAD to be incorporated into all the designs. The flowers being included were largely left to me to get the best blooms available at the time as long as they stayed in the blue/purple/pink palette
Sarah's bouquet was a mix of purple lisianthus, freesia, stocks, alliums, Ocean song roses, Blue delphiniums and pink astilbe with a good amount of peacock eye feathers in. The stems were bound in purple ribbon and pinned with blue pearl headed pins..
 The two adult bridesmaids carried a very similar but smaller bouquet.
 The smaller bridesmaid carried a smaller still bouquet,
 and the flower girl carried a silver heart wand with purple lisianthus flowers, lilac ribbon and bows with the all important peacock eye feathers.
 The groom's buttonhole was a collection of an Ocean song rose, purple freesia and lisianthus and a peacock feather.
 The rest of the bridal party wore a single Ocean song rose buttonhole with feather.
A lovely wrist corsage with an Ocean song rose, freesia, lisianthus, delphiniums and feathers.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Ivory and purple bridal flowers

 Emma's colour scheme was ivory and purple. The best purple flower is eustoma and so this is where we started with the flowers. Emma decided on a hand-tied design and loved a similar design I had made previously with all roses and foliage. We kept on the same design with ivory roses, purple eustoma and gyp with a little tree fern and salal as a collar.
 The stems were bound with foliage with thin ivory ribbon pinned around to add to the design.
 The two adult bridesmaids carried a similar style bouquet but with just the roses and gyp to stand out agains.
 The younger bridesmaid carried a smaller version of the brides.
 The flower girl carried a silver heart wand with a couple of purple eustoma and a sprig of gyp.
The groom wore a buttonhole of an ivory rose, gyp and eustoma buds.

The rest of the bridal party wore single ivory rose buttonholes.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cream and blue wedding

 Back at the beginning of June was Melanie's wedding. Based on cream roses with a hint of blue, we provided a gorgeous hand-tie bouquet of small headed roses and eryngiums (thistles). The stems bound in cream satin ribbon.
 The four bridesmaids each wore a wrist corsage of matching roses and spray roses with pittospurnum foliage.
The small flower girl wore a wrist corsage mounted on a ribbon, of a single rose with spray rose buds.

Friday, 10 August 2012

White Calla lilies and Gerberas

 Back we go to the start of the wedding season. Our first bride was on Mothering Sunday, not a day we generally agree to do weddings but Hayley wanted simple designs for her and her maids with a few buttonholes so we agreed.
Hayley's bouquet was a mass of white calla lilies with aspidistra leaves curled around them with the stems bound with another leaf and pinned with pearl headed pins.
 The five bridesmaids each carried an overarm bouquet of six white gerberas with aspidistra leaves, to tie in with the brides flowers, and bear grass. The stems were bound with white satin ribbon.
The groom wore a white calla lily buttonhole with curled aspidistra strips and bear grass while the grooms-men each wore a single white germini buttonhole.

Thank you card

A lovely card we received from David and Katie, along with a few photos. We really do appreciate knowing couples love our flowers!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Calla lilies and Gerberas

 These are the wedding flowers of David and Katie who were married back in July. David has been a customer of ours for some time and so it was a delight to finally meet Katie in person.
Their colour scheme was purple and white and Katie loves gerberas, with David liking the calla lilies and there we had the flowers sorted! The brides bouquet was white gerberas, picasso and schwartzwalder callas with salal foliage. The stems were bound in ribbon matching the bridesmaid dresses.
As a surprise for Katie, David asked us to make a replica of the bouquet in silk as Katie had already said she wanted to lay the fresh bouquet on a family grave and would be disappointed to leave it.
 The adult bridesmaid carried a similar bouquet but with just the white gerberas and picasso callas.
 The two flower girls both carried a crystal bead wand with a picasso calla and ribbon.
 The groom and best man each wore a picasso calla lily buttonhole with bear grass and foliage loops. These then had purple wire wrapped around the stems.
The rest of the grooms-men wore a similar calla lily buttonhole.
 The ladies each wore a calla lily buttonhole with lavender flowers and foliage loops.

We also provided a calla lily wrist corsage with lavender flowers and various foliage.

Thank you to David and Katie for choosing us to create the flowers for your wedding day.

Friday, 20 April 2012

3D Westie tribute

 We were asked by a lady if we could create a Westie for her husbands funeral. They had two Westies as pets and thought it would be a fitting tribute as this was to be the only flowers.
We mounted blocks of flower foam onto a board and slowly carved out the basic shape, as I used to be owned by a Westie I have plenty of photos of them from many angles.

I started with the tail and added flowers up his back and onto his legs creating more shape with the flowers. The head was hard to get right, as they have such a cheeky but soulful look. The eyes, ears and tongue are made out of various fabrics and the button nose is a flower sprayed black. The collar is a proper dog collar main colour red with silver bones on.

We sat him on a foliage base made to look like rough pasture and added a small spray of roses.

There are many other pets and shapes that are possible in 3D, please ask for details.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Different funeral tributes

Are you looking for a tribute more in keeping with your loved one? Did they have any particular hobbies or interests that reflect their personality? Nearly anything is achievable now, here are a few of our latest designs.
A horses head for a gentleman who was passionate about horses.
A handbag for a lady who loved fashion.
A slice of battenburg cake for a cake lover.
An RAF roundel for a gentleman who had served and continued his interest in the forces.