Monday, 9 November 2009

Cream and (Navy) Blue wedding Flowers

These are the wedding flowers from Becky's wedding last Saturday. The theme was cream and (navy) blue.

The bride wanted a small compact bouquet in keeping with the colour scheme and for her bridesmaids to be of a similar style. She liked the small roses and the blue of the eryngium (Thistle) and eucalyptus.

From this we decided on a compact hand-tie design to include the small akito rose, blue eryngium, white cyclamen and foliage of eucalyptus and pistachio bound together with ivory satin ribbon pinned with dark blue pins for the brides bouquet.

For the adult bridesmaids a similar but smaller bouquet was made but without the cyclamen and for the flower girl a smaller one still.

Buttonholes were also required- single akito roses with eucalyptus leaves for ladies and gentlemen of the bridal party and for the groom a couple of eryngium heads were added so he matched in with the bride.

For a November wedding they had a lovely sunny day and apparently everything went perfectly.

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