Friday, 30 October 2009

Wedding flowers 2010

As we draw to the end of the wedding season 2009, we start to prepare for 2010.
If you, or some-one you know, would like us to be part of your/their wedding day please make an appointment for a FREE, no obligation appointment to discuss your requirements.
We are happy to discuss everything to do with your flowers, whether you know EXACTLY which flowers and bouquet etc you want right down to the last minute detail, to those brides which don't know a rose from a carnation and have no clue as to what will go with what from a design point of view. There is NO such thing as a stupid question, if you don't ask you won't know and if you don't know we want you to ask. That is what we are here for, and it's all part of the process of deciding what is best for YOU and YOUR wedding. We will NEVER tell you NOT to have something you want but if we can see a better alternative or can see it wouldn't work as well as you probably think we will advise you as such, give you other ideas, but it will be your decision to which you have. We can still be proved wrong, and as long as your happy then so are we.
We have an ever growing portfolio of brides/bridesmaids bouquets, church arrangements, and venue arrangements, which are all designs that I, Sandra, have made. We also have many wedding flower magazines and brochures if you need any further inspiration. We also strongly encourage you to bring any pictures you have seen in magazines and photos/brochure and colour swatches of your dress and your bridesmaids. This all helps us to get a feel for your personality and 'theme' that you want for your day.
When you make an appointment for a consultation it is extremely helpful, although not essential, to have various items bought or arranged before you come. These include:
The wedding date - so I can check I am available to be part of your day
The Venue - especially if you would like arrangements displayed there by us, to check it is in our area and we are available to travel there on the wedding morning.
The Dress - helps in deciding the style of the bouquet you will be carrying.
The bridesmaids dress and/or colour - This usually is the accent colour for the whole wedding and as such can determine the colour and flowers available for you to choose from.

You may bring anyone with you who will be helpful to you in deciding what to have including the Groom but please be aware we do discuss your dress and many different parts of the day and so if you don't want him to know various points please leave him at home for at least the initial consultation as I have had many banished outside and it can be quite cold!
We have delivered/arranged flowers in most of the venues in Lincoln and many around Lincolnshire and have photos of many of them set up. If your venue is one we haven't been to I will happily meet you there to discuss your options.
For churches, if you would like us to provide flower arrangements please ask the Vicar/Priest first as some DO NOT allow us to do this and if you want flowers you have to use the church ladies.

We have a record number of bookings at this time of year for the next year and as such some dates are already unavailable. We do not do weddings/consultations on 13/14th Feb (Valentines) 13/14 March (Mothering Sunday) or on any Bank holiday Mondays.In the first instance please ring/e-mail to check availability, and ask for a wedding brochure and price list (2010). Then make an appointment, we try and accommodate you as best we can, we open 6 days a week 8-5pm (8-4pm Sat) but can open later if necessary. The appointment usually lasts an hour. Usually from this I can give you a verbal quote based on your requirements and then it is up to you whether you book with us. I do not give written quotes until a booking is confirmed and a deposit paid. At this stage designs can still be altered and added or removed so don't feel you have to make your mind up there and then to what you have, unless your wedding is less than a month away.
We take bookings from as little as a week away to 2 years away.

If you would like us, Bob and Sandra, to be part of your wedding day call us and see what we can do to make your day extra special.

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