Monday, 5 March 2012

Columbian Garden roses

Garden roses are getting to be very popular especially with brides looking for vintage inspired flowers. Some will know the very popular David Austin roses from gardens and now available as cut flowers in limited colours. There are, however, other companies which grow and sell garden roses and some in a much wider colour spectrum, so there should be a colour to suit most colour schemes.
These beauties are from a Columbian supplier, with their descriptions.

Augusta Louise is mostly pink, but it does have some yellow undertones and becomes lighter as it opens. It is very fragrant and will freshen up an entire room as it opens into beautiful, large blooms. Sold with side shoots.
Marietheresia is the medium pink sister of Baronesse. They both have the same perfectly round and cup shaped opening, have a respectable vase life and open virtually flat. The fragrance is very slight, but the nostalgic shape makes up for it.
O'Hara is a light pink rose from France that has 4 hearts in the center and is incredibly fragrant. It will open up in the vase all the way and has a tremendouse vase life. It will add texture and fragrance to any vase work! It is also a perfect bridal pink for weddings.
Baronesse is a darker more intense sister of Marietheresia. Blooms are delicate, medium sized, and have a perfect cup opening reminiscent of Old Garden Roses in Josephine's Bonaparte's Malmaison Rose collection.
Alabaster is a new white from Germany. It is from the Floribunda family of roses, has a good fragrance, opens perfectly flat with a rosette shape and lasts a good time in the vase. Finally a great white variety with a fragrance for both events and vase work!
White O'Hara is a large, French, white rose, with a slight ivory tinge at the center, that opens up fully in a quartered way. It is very fragrant and wonderful for weddings and special events. It is hardy to ship and its vase life is extraordary. A perfect white garden rose!
There are many more colours including, reds, oranges, yellows and green.
Yes they do cost more than normal roses and they don't last quite as long but they do put on a great show while they are here and the scent is fantastic.

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