Monday, 27 February 2012

St Helen's Brant Broughton

Johanna and Rich were married on 17 Th September 2011 at St Helen's Church Brant Broughton.
A family friend arranged the bridal flowers and I was asked to provide the church and reception flowers.
We arrived early morning to set up the church, in between sun and showers. While the sun shone the church was flooded with light.
The theme of the day was lilies. A lovely variety that has a cream stripe in the centre of every petal.
The pews have all been taken out and replaced with chairs. Johanna had asked for 10 rows to be alternately dressed with lilies and roses and cream ribbon.
We had made sure that most of the lilies were open, so the church was filled with scent.
The chair bows.
Instead of two pedestals at the Altar the couple decided it would make a change to decorate the Rood screen. This was designed using open lilies and seasonal hops to add to the fragrance.

A pedestal also adorned the Altar. This consisted of lilies, roses, gladioli, and carnations all in white and creams.
Another pedestal was positioned by the entrance.
Each of the back four windowsills were also treated to a display of lilies and hops.

The lovely St Helen's all dressed and awaiting the bride and groom.
The entrance porch wasn't left out and had its own display of lilies.
The gate posts each had a posy of lilies and alstroemeria adorning the top.

The gateway, ready to greet the bride.

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