Saturday, 13 August 2011

Large Martini vases at Rufford Mill

Claire's wedding and reception was to be held at the gorgeous Rufford Mill at Rufford Country Park.
The table centres chosen for the eight tables were the large martini vases filled with flowers in pinks and clarets. These included Stargazer lilies, Grandprix roses, Amaranthus and carnations with mixed foliage. The 'vase' part of the glass was also coloured to add to the dramatic design.
The Talbot suite is used for the ceremony and reception, being 'turned around' during the photos. As such we were unable to set up the tables and so we asked Yvonne, the seriously good wedding planner, if we could place some of the vases at the back of the room to decorate the entrance for the ceremony.
There was enough room for six, three each side. They looked stunning. The table was there for the cake.
The Talbot suite ready for the arrival of the Bride and Groom and their guests.

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