Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Funeral Tributes

These are a selection of funeral tributes we have created over the last few weeks.
An oasis spray in blues and whites. Flowers included white lilies, spray carnations and gyp, blue iris, hydrangea and hyacinths.
One of our favourite tributes. A dolphin requested in blues and white from one of the local pubs. We have been informed they were highly delighted with it and so were we.
A MUM frame, all these 3 were for the same lady, apparently she didn't like pinks and girly colours.
Another MUM frame for a separate funeral. This time in pale pinks and whites.
An open book in purple ribbon edging and matching sprays with two ribbons 'NANNA' and 'GREAT NANNA'.
Red and white carnation football with a red rose spray. The motifs were provided by the customer.
A pint of beer.
An 18" Cushion based in white chrysants with a yellow and orange spray.
An oasis spray in pastel colours including roses, tulips, hyacinths, eremus, amaranthus and dahlias.
An open heart in a loose flower design. Yellow roses, blue hyacinths, pink hydrangeas, chrysants and white tulips amongst various foliage.
Our condolences go to all the friends and families involved.

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  1. I like the dolphin actually, On the other hand, floral tributes are a time-honoured and traditional way of expressing support and sympathy for those who are experiencing illness, or to the family and friends who have experienced the loss of a loved one and it comes in variety of shapes.

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