Friday, 16 April 2010

St Peter at Gowts Church

St Peter-at-Gowts Church.

A wonderful church to decorate with plenty of room to display pedestals. Only drawback is they have to be large otherwise you won't see them at the altar from the back.

They consisted mainly of pink gerberas, with pink broom, carnations and misumata branches.

We displayed one pedestal in the porchway for impact when guests arrived and one at the front of the church on the grooms side.
As the budget was getting tight it was agreed that the two front and two back pews had a simple arrangement of 3 pink gerberas and wax flower and the rest had bows alternating down the aisle.
A debate had gone on as to whether we and the bride would be allowed to have flowers in church as it was still in Lent, but the Vicar on this occassion agreed as long as they were moved immediately afterwards. All arrangements were moved down to The Pride of Lincoln for the reception.

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