Wednesday, 20 January 2010

St Lawrence Skellingthorpe

Here are a few pictures of weddings from venues we have arranged flowers at that have not been posted before. I have done them as separate posts so easier to find on the venue list.

We are able to arrange flowers in all venues and most churches in and around Lincoln and further afield. If your chosen place isn't on our list it doesn't mean we haven't been there it may just be there wasn't time to take photos or the venue wasn't properly set up, especially if it is an all in one where the tables are moved about. We keep a list of all places we have been to, please ask, and look forward to discussing your plans to ones we don't know. We are more than happy on these occasions to meet with you at the venue.

This is St Lawrence at Skellingthorpe, a wonderful modern interior that showed the white and red colour scheme of the pedestals off well.

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